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  • IMG 1077
    Long concrete driveway.
  • 20130809 152752
    Stamped concrete patio with stone kneewalls.
  • 20140201 122945 Android
    Gray stamped concrete patio space with far east design.
  • 20130909 114206
    Ashlar slate stamped concrete patio with artificial stone facing.
  • SAM 0734
    Flagstone walkway over a concrete base. Note the space between stones...the less mortar you see the better the masonry.
  • IMG 0800
    Outdoor living space built on stamped concrete base with stone kneewalls and an outdoor fireplace.
  • IMG 0660
    Terra cotta colored stamped concrete patio with incorporated concrete steps.
  • IMG 0876
    Natural flagstone patio with concrete base.
  • IMG 0943
    New concrete driveway with proper control joints and cobblestone entrance.
  • IMG 0694
    New concrete driveway with stamped cobblestone apron and stamped cobble joints.
  • IMG 1077
  • 20130809 152752
  • 20140201 122945 Android
  • 20130909 114206
  • SAM 0734
  • IMG 0800
  • IMG 0660
  • IMG 0876
  • IMG 0943
  • IMG 0694

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BOSS Construction LLC Stone firepits are trending. Here's two that we've installed over the past week. 2014-02-25T22:15:31+0000
BOSS Construction LLC This is a stamped concrete patio inspired be far east architecture. These customers in Peachtree City have spent a large portion of time overseas. 2014-02-16T13:51:28+0000
BOSS Construction LLC I've never seen this happen before...I was behind the concrete moving the chute back and forth minding my own business when POP! the chute collapsed on itself and hit the ground with about 1500 lbs of concrete still in it. You don't see that everyday. 2014-01-28T11:15:34+0000
Philip N Winnie Tisdale Wow - thankful it did hit you or anyone else! 2014-01-28T12:37:47+0000
BOSS Construction LLC This Is something very unique. ..Its a 9 foot diameter cobblestone circle stamp with charcoal coloring. We have a 5 foot version as well. 2013-11-14T12:59:07+0000
BOSS Construction LLC For those folks wanting a before-and-after shot, this is the best I have for the moment, but I'll try to post more of these in the future! 2013-09-22T14:46:46+0000
BOSS Construction LLC Here's another recently completed outdoor living space with stamped concrete and stone sitting walls in Griffin, GA. 2013-08-12T13:35:39+0000
Mary Pickerill Geasley Wow, how beautiful!!! 2013-08-12T22:02:02+0000
BOSS Construction LLC This is a closeup shot of our Grand Ashlar pattern with a custom Terra Cotta color scheme. The patio was poured under a wood deck in East Point, Georgia. 2013-07-19T12:46:20+0000
BOSS Construction LLC This is a recent driveway we installed with cobble border stamping around the edges and through the joints. The cobble border effect is one of many affordable upgrades we offer to a typical concrete pour. 2013-07-13T19:05:47+0000
BOSS Construction LLC Another outdoor entertainment space installed just in time for Memorial day weekend. This is an ashlar slate stamped concrete patio with a stone kneewall/firepit. 2013-05-26T15:18:09+0000
BOSS Construction LLC Is it wood or is it concrete? 2013-05-18T11:46:48+0000
Philip N Winnie Tisdale Nice, concrete job Brian. :) 2013-05-18T11:51:50+0000 Craig Jordan Its woodcrete! 2013-05-18T11:57:03+0000
BOSS Construction LLC This is a recently completed natural flagstone patio with some stone kneewalls that we installed in Griffin. 2013-04-27T18:31:45+0000
Holly Brown Eimer Brian, what does something like this run? 2014-01-30T20:39:07+0000 BOSS Construction LLC Around four grand I think 2014-01-31T01:35:35+0000 Holly Brown Eimer Okay. Thanks. It's beautiful! Maybe one day... 2014-01-31T02:02:53+0000
BOSS Construction LLC This stamp design is a good example of our seamless slate rock texture stamp pattern. Note the brick lines that mark the control joints. 2013-04-26T00:14:19+0000
BOSS Construction LLC This is an install of a new concrete walkway for the public pavilion for the city of Riverdale, Ga. A big improvement over stepping stones! 2013-04-05T00:38:18+0000
BOSS Construction LLC This is a patio we installed in newnan designed by Mike Lorber associates out of Peachtree City. The black pipe is a drain for a future firepit. This patio will be lined with stone seating walls. 2013-03-21T10:49:05+0000
Vicki Vaughn You guys do awesome work!! 2013-03-21T15:17:08+0000
BOSS Construction LLC Just got new lettering on our newest truck. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you! 2013-03-05T21:40:51+0000
BOSS Construction LLC Some customers really know how to treat a concrete contractor on a cold February day! 2013-02-22T00:08:53+0000
BOSS Construction LLC Just installed this stamped concrete patio in Peachtree city. I love this pattern-its called grand ashlar slate-and its just one of many patterns I have in my inventory. 2013-02-06T12:57:02+0000
Ted Geasley We want this in our backyard in Tennessee! 2013-04-27T21:08:41+0000
BOSS Construction LLC This concrete driveway replacement in Newnan is one of the few jobs that we'll complete this week because of all the bad weather. 2013-01-15T15:32:39+0000
BOSS Construction LLC This is a photo of a concrete stamped entrance stamped with black Ashlar slate concrete. The Fayette County Water Department paid to have it repaired after a water main break. 2013-01-14T20:12:45+0000
BOSS Construction LLC New recently completed concrete driveway. Note the light fixtures that are embedded in the concrete to either side every 10 feet. I told the customer that cars would snap the lights right off as time goes on...but the customer is always right! 2012-12-10T17:37:12+0000
Dave Margrave The lights are doomed 2012-12-10T20:20:30+0000
BOSS Construction LLC We call this patio Red Ashlar...very unique. 2012-12-06T03:44:23+0000
BOSS Construction LLC Red Ashlar Stamped Concrete 2012-12-06T03:19:51+0000

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