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Peachtree City, GA

Concrete ADA Compliance in Atlanta

ADA compliance is something every concrete contractor must know and understand in today's highly regulated concrete industry.


Many municipalities now require that new concrete projects incorporate Federal American with Disabilities Act guidelines (ADA rules) when transitioning from parking areas and concrete curbing to sidewalks and walking areas.
Many states, as well as counties and local governments, have adopted some form of the Federal regulations and concrete contractors must be prepared to understand these complicated and precise rules for concrete slope, texture, color, and ADA approved truncated dome mats.

BOSS Construction understands these rules and regulations. We have the experience to implement strict ADA rules the right way so your project isn't delayed, or even worse, not approved.

This is a front entrance ADA compliant concrete ramp that was installed in 2010. The 'contrasting colors' seen in the photo are required by local codes. The yellow mat is a truncated dome tablet embedded in the sidewalk concrete.


ADA pavers are a popular choice because they are durable and uniform. These concrete pavers come in a few contrasting colors.

Each ADA concrete job is different, so give us a call at 770-599-3800, send us an email, or click here to get a free quote on your concrete transition project.