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Peachtree City, GA

We Install, Repair, and Replace Brick Masonry

The building trades of stone, brick, and block masonry have been around for thousands of years. While wood framing will rot and steel girders will rust with time, masonry can withstand the elements for centuries. Masonry Contractors have been around for centuries as well, but the trade itself changes frequently. 

A good masonry contractor knows both traditional masonry techniques, and understands the new masonry techniques of artificial stone and modular block. BOSS Construction LLC is a premier masonry contractor in Atlanta, and we have the knowledge to build and install any masonry project.

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Brick Masonry

Brick masonry was the structural material that built nearly every early American building.
Recently, in the last few decades, brick masonry yielded to wood framing as the most popular structural material for residential building, but we still see brick masonry veneer used everywhere to get that 'regal' architectural look. Brick veneer, unlike traditional brick masonry, is only brick on the outside; for looks, if you will. Today, brick masonry extends to homes as brick veneer, retaining walls, mailboxes, chimneys, outdoor fireplaces, and even as patios and porches. The photo to the right is a brick chimney that was rebuilt because, from the roofline upwards, the brick chimney had cracked and leaned inward towards the home.

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Brick Masonry Patios

Much of today's masonry work is done by masons with no formal training or education. The problem arises on issues like the brick chimney in the photo above, where the mason lays the brick directly to the sheathing of the roof with no angle iron to transfer the weight of the brick chimney properly, and no additional framing to help support. Shoddy masonry work can be a big problem down the road. There is a difference between your run of the mill masonry work, and a brick masonry contractor with the experience to construct expensive jobs correctly the first time, every time.


brick columns

Brick Columns

We build brick columns for porches, driveway entrances, and patios.   The brick columns in this photo have an inlaid brick detail, often called a brick reveal, or an offset.   


brick entrance signBrick Monument Signs

This is a brick monument sign recently constructed in Douglasville, GA, for a new neighborhood.

brick walkway

Brick Walkway

A recently completed brick walkway in Peachtree City, GA.

Brick Inlays

We ocassionally install brick inlays into concrete driveways and patios.  Pavers can also be used as a substutite for brick.  We can also stamp cobblestone or brick lines into the fresh concrete.  Ask us for more details. 


BOSS Construction LLC has installed or replaced hundreds of masonry projects in the metro Atlanta area. We have decades of experience fixing problems created by other less experienced and lower quality masonry contractors. We have seen every problem that could possible arise from badly installed masonry work and we know how to do the job right, the first time.

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