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Peachtree City, GA

We Install, Repair, and Replace Retaining Walls

When installed correctly, Retaining Walls can be beautiful, durable, and can last 50 years or more. When not installed correctly, however, most masonry work will shift, crack, and buckle, and lead to costly masonry repair. BOSS Construction LLC is a premier masonry contractor in Atlanta, and we have the knowledge to build and install any retaining wall project.


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Artificial Stone Retaining Walls

The photo to the right is a new artificial stone retaining wall in Peachtree City, GA.  This wall is a two-tier wall,  allowing for some planting in between each wall.  This wall starts with a concrete footing, then a cinder-block wall with rebar dowels is built on the footing, and drainage pipe surrounded with gravel is installed behind the wall.  After the wall is built, artificial stone is installed on the visible face of the wall, and a natural stone cap of similar color is placed on the top of the wall.  The unique curve of this retaining wall helps to resist any hydrostatic pressure that may build up behind the wall during a heavy rain. 

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Landscape Block Retaining Walls

Also known as Modular Block Walls, or Alan Block Walls, These walls are a popular choice with many customers today, because of their economical cost in comparison to other types of permanent masonry walls.  The block structure of this wall is resting on a compacted gravel base, unlike other types of retaining walls that use a concrete footing.  These blocks of this wall interlock, transferring any force exerted towards the base of the wall.  The blocks are usually filled with gravel, and gravel is placed behind the wall around a pipe for drainage.  Another benefit of modular block walls is that they don't 'crack' since they are not mortared together, and they tolerate moisture, temperature, and ground movement very well. 


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Natural Stacked Stone Retaining Walls

The wall in this photo is a thin stack veneer retaining wall.  Although all that you see is the natural stacked stone, that is just for show...behind the stone is the block or poured concrete that does the heavy work of retaining the dirt.  

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Masonry Seating  Walls

Also Known as sitting walls, or Kneewalls, because the wall height usually matches the height of your knee (around 18"-20").  These walls are for design and looks, not so much for dirt retention, and they can be built with planters as well. 

BOSS Construction LLC has installed or replaced hundreds of masonry projects in the metro Atlanta area. We have decades of experience fixing problems created by other less experienced and lower quality masonry contractors. We have seen every problem that could possible arise from badly installed masonry work and we know how to do the job right, the first time.

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