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Peachtree City, GA

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a recent leap forward in the old science of Concrete, made famous by the Romans over 2000 years ago. Stamped concrete has the durability of concrete, and the beauty of stone masonry, and at half the cost of traditional masonry.


stamped concrete atlantaBenefits of Stamped Concrete over traditional Masonry:

  • Stamped Concrete installs in half the time of traditional Masonry.
  • Stamped Concrete is half the cost of stone masonry (in many cases).
  • Stamped Concrete is one piece of material.
  • Stamped Concrete comes in custom colors, patterns, and sizes.
  • Stamped Concrete has no joints to maintain, unlike pavers or stone.
  • Stamped Concrete is original - No two jobs are the same.

Stamped Concrete in Atlanta is catching on fast. Decorative concrete has overtaken traditional masonry as the preferred method of achieving a beautiful and durable outdoor space that is both economical and durable. Want to see some photos?


atlanta stamped concreteThe most simple and least expensive form of stamped concrete is stamped concrete with no color.

The photo to the right shows a standard concrete patio with a cobblestone stamp on the control joints and the border of the patio. This decorative feature is very inexpensive, often less than $4 per linear foot, and is superior to paver and brick borders because the concrete driveway remains one solid piece of concrete. This type of stamped concrete also goes down fast. The patio in the photo was poured in one day, as opposed to traditional paver joints, which would require at least one more day to install and perhaps longer.


stamped concrete in atlanta

Stamped Concrete with no color can also be done with any pattern.

Stamping with no color avoids the base and accent colors that most decorative and patterned concrete jobs utilize, thereby saving the cost of the coloring and the cost of the concrete sealer, which is only needed when color is present. The stamped concrete patio to the right is a ashlar slate pattern with no color accents or sealer.

stamped concrete in atlanta

Any new concrete project can be improved with stamped concrete.

The stamped concrete project to the right is a standard concrete walkway with cobblestone stamped joints and borders. The stamped borders are accented with charcoal color and sealer, creating a beautiful, elegant look that simulates the look of real granite pavers.

Stamped concrete borders can be added to any concrete new project.

stamped concrete patio

Stamped concrete can be done with borders and curves.

The cost for curving a concrete form is no different than a straight concrete form. Stamped cobblestone borders can follow both straight and curved borders, and they can follow control joints for added decoration as well.

The photo to the right is Ashlar Slate stamped concrete with integral color, colored release, and sealer. The hole in this particular stamped concrete patio is for a traditional masonry firepit that will be installed later. Note the color variation in the stamped pattern...each stamped concrete contractor has their own method and skillset for creating an original look. This stamped concrete color scheme was created using an original method developed by BOSS Construction LLC.

BOSS Construction LLC has replaced and installed thousands of stamped concrete patios in the metro Atlanta area. Most of our work involves renovations and repairs - meaning we have decades of experience with decorative designs, colors, and fixing problems created by other less experienced and lower quality concrete contractors. We have seen every problem that could possibly arise from badly installed concrete and we know how to do the job right, the first time.


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