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We Install Hardscapes and Outdoor Living Areas

The building trades of stone, brick, and block masonry have been around for thousands of years. While wood framing will rot and steel girders will rust with time, masonry can withstand the elements for centuries. Masonry Contractors have been around for centuries as well, but the trade itself changes frequently. A good masonry contractor knows both traditional masonry techniques, and understands the new masonry techniques of artificial stone and modular block.

BOSS Construction LLC is a premier masonry contractor in Atlanta, and we have the knowledge to build and install any masonry project.

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Stone Fireplaces

 Stone Fireplaces occupy a central role in todays outdoor living spaces. 
The fireplace shown here is approx. 11 feet tall, with artificial stone veneer and natural stone caps and hearth.  You can also see a flagstone patio, and stone kneewalls with end-columns, other popular design features. 

block crawlspace atlanta

Stone Firepits

 Stone Firepits are the little cousin to the Stone Fireplace, and they can also be more economical.  The typical firepit is 5 feet in diameter and round, although we have done a few square firepits as well. The interior opening is usually around 36", and we will have a drain at the bottom (or open to the ground below, so water does not fill up in the firepit), and then filled with a foot of 57 stone, to lift the fire up to be enjoyed more easily by your guests, and allow for proper drainage. 


natural stone patio

Stone Sitting Walls

Also Known as sitting walls, or Kneewalls, because the wall height usually matches the height of your knee (around 18"-20").  These walls are for design and looks, not so much for dirt retention, and they can be built with planters as well. 


retaining wall atlantaStone Retaining Walls

The wall in this photo is a thin stack veneer retaining wall.  Although all that you see is the natural stacked stone, that is just for show...behind the stone is the block or poured concrete that does the heavy work of retaining the dirt.  

granite wall atlanta

Granite Stone Masonry

Granite is a material that is local to the Atlanta metro area. Most traditional exterior masonry in Atlanta was made with granite until the 1960s. Many crawlspace foundation walls, retaining walls, and other structural walls were traditionally made with granite. Today, many people look to retain the older look that granite stone masonry provides. A unique feature of granite is the method we use for installation. Granite does not use a block structure, and granite stone is not usually laid as a veneer. Rather, the granite pieces used in the wall to the left are whole pieces, some 6" thick, and are mortared together to create a solid and very strong granite retaining wall.

BOSS Construction LLC has installed or replaced hundreds of masonry projects in the metro Atlanta area. We have decades of experience fixing problems created by other less experienced and lower quality masonry contractors. We have seen every problem that could possible arise from badly installed masonry work and we know how to do the job right, the first time.

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