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We Install, Repair, and Replace Flagstone Patios

Flagstone Patios have a classic look that cannot be re-created by any other material. Most flagstone patios require no ongoing maintenance, unlike stamped concrete patios. With the right stone material, and a professional installation, your flagstone patio will look beautiful and last a lifetime.


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Flagstone Patio Ideas

Looking for flagstone patio ideas? Flagstone is a versatile stone material that offers you much choice in terms of color and texture. This flagstone patio pictured to the right is called variagated flagstone, because of its wavy, flaky texture. The pattern of the flagstone patio pictured is called random cut, or veneer, because there is no repeating angle in the pattern and the face of the stone is visible. Most flagstone patio ideas have incorporated random veneer as the stone pattern.

flagstone patioFlagstone Patio Design

A good flagstone patio design begins with a clear idea of what you want to see in your finished product. In the past, this was more difficult, because most flagstone patio designs where sketched by landscape architects or had to be envisioned by the customer until the stone contractor had finished. With the advent of the internet, and more importantly, search engine technology, you can simply browse google images for 'flagstone patio designs' and thousands of images of finished projects appear at your fingertips. This is helpful for both the customer and the contractor, because is is easier to recreate a photo than to precisely recreate an idea from the mind of a customer. See what is out there, and when you find the perfect flagstone patio design for you, let us know.

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Flagstone Patio Installation

A good flagstone patio design begins with a good sub-grade, or a good foundation for the stone. BOSS Construction LLC recommends that every flagstone patio installation begin with a 3"-4" concrete base underneath the stone. This is important, as it will ensure that your flagstone does not have to bear any load. The concrete below the stone will distribute and carry the load of the project evenly, and not allow the flagstone patio to absorb water or shift over time. The second step in any flagstone patio installation is a high quality mortar bed that will adhere the flagstone to the concrete base. The mortar bed should be no thicker than 1" if possible. The final step in any flagstone patio installation is to grout the flagstone and clean the project with a wire brush, sponge, or pressure washer.

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Stamped Concrete Patios

It may not seem like concrete, but the patio pictured to the left is not laid with flagstone. This a a common stamped concrete pattern called Ashlar Slate, and the colors used in the stamped concrete patio were intended to mimic the colors in the natural stacked stone fireplace. Stamped concrete is an economical alternative to a traditional flagstone patio, and has many benefits over traditional flagstone.


BOSS Construction LLC has replaced hundreds of concrete patios in the metro Atlanta area. Most of our work involves concrete repairs - meaning we have decades of experience fixing problems created by other less experienced and lower quality concrete contractors. We have seen every problem that could possible arise from badly installed patios and we know how to do the job right, the first time.

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